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Velcro Brand 3/8" Small Cirlces | 56 pc

Velcro Brand | 3/8" Small Cirlces | 56 pkg

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Small 3/8“ Velectro Brand Closures - perfect for using as a closure for your cards or envelopes!

A quick and easy way to hang crafts, photos, notes, posters and decorations for holidays or parties.

Works on a variety of surfaces and textures. A safe and easy alternative to nails, staples and glue for damage free hanging.

This package contains 56 .375 inch Velcro® Brand removable mounting circles (28 sets). Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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D. N.
excellent keepers

I have been using small magnets for those cards that occasionally don't stay closed and they have been fine. But I bought these just to try them and was very pleasantly pleased!!! I love these even better because they are very flat. They are wonderful for that purpose! I highly recommend them instead of just letting your cards stay open. I also found them useful for around the house for strange little purposes. Like I attached a small skin care spatula to the top of a jar lid to keep it from getting lost! Perfect! I came back and bought tons more just in case they discontinue them. Get em while they have them they rock!

Just right

The size is idea..

Very nice

Perfect size for card making