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Silicone Brush Scrubber - Black

Silicone Brush Scrubber - Black

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The perfect accessory for those who love our blender brushes. This cute little silicone brush scrubber has a suction cup on the bottom to attach it to the inside of a cup, or to the inside of your sink or simply hold in hand under running water. 

Gently scrub the bristles against the silicone grooves, using a mild soap and warm water to clean your brushes between colors or to remove an excess buildup of ink. Leave your brushes out to air dry or use a blow dryer set to a low, gentle heat.

Approximately 4"x4" in size. Imported.

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Customer Reviews

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D. N.
multi use

I haven't even used this for my brushes yet, but I have to say it really came in handy when I needed something to get in the teeny little places on a stamp to clean out staz-on ink! I had the stamp on my misti window and just couldn't get the ink out of the little spots and I grabbed this and scrubbed it while it had the staz-on remover on it and it worked just fantastic! So I think this will be a multi use tool to have around! I especially like the suction cup on the bottom which you can't see in the photos.

So Useful

This has been such a useful tool to have on hand. I use it daily to clean my blending brushes and it makes it so easy to clean them!


Thinking about giving this as Christmas stocking stuffers, they work great for all kinds of brushes.

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