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Bee Creative Silicone Craft Mat

Bee Creative Silicone Craft Mat

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We designed this Silicone Craft Mat to create the perfect wax seals, but it also works perfectly for ink blending, as a paint palette, and so much more! The options are endless with this food-grade silicone craft mat. Non-stick, waterproof, and heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The super thick (3cm) silicone base will stay put on your work surface and works as a non-slip mat as well. The thicker base also allows for higher heat capabilities over other craft mats (which makes it perfect for creating your wax seals!) 

Because of the nature of the non-stick silicone, paint and paste will come off easily once dry. It is also very easy to clean with a stamp cleaner, or warm water and mild soap. We recommend using a lint-free cloth to wipe the mat, as it will collect lint because of its sticky nature. Please note that some inks, paints, and wax may stain the silicone (especially red pigments). This is completely normal and will not affect the use of the silicone.


The flat work area measures approximately 4-3/4” wide x 6" tall (12.5 cm X 15.25 cm)

The 8-circle well area measures approximately 3" wide x 6" tall (7.5 cm x 15.25 cm)

Each well measures 1-1/4" round, and approximately 1/4" tall each (3.3 cm x 5 mm)

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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia S.
Silicone Craft Mat

This is the perfect size to use when I am making wax seals, or blending ink on small die cuts. The wells on the side make it easy to pour in hot wax to make the perfect wax seal; or to use when watercoloring with liquid watercolor inks.

Nancy D.
Silicone craft mat

I love this mat! I bought it to use with my melting wax. It was perfect . And it is just the right size to tuck in the box where I store all my melting wax products. I love Honey Bee as well! Every product I have received has been top rate. It meets my expectations and soars above! I also look forward to the surprises tucked in. One year at Christmas (I think), I got a present from Honey Bee. It was a clear polymer “made by” stamp with my whole name on it!!! I have used it ever since on every card or project I make! I always look at Honey Bee first for all my crafting needs!❤️

Bee Creative silicone craft mat

Works great for getting a perfect circle with wax seals. It would be nice to have a slightly smaller size diameter for some of my smaller seals. Maybe a combination mat with 2 sizes or shapes (ovals and squares). Wouldn’t that be fun!

Arlene W.

I love it, that with help alot,and that is what I was looking for

Bee Creative Silicone Craft Mat

This is a really nice mat. It is a good size - not too big, has a nice weight about it, and the silicone is substantially thick. The circles are a great help when pouring wax for the wax stampers. I have really enjoyed using it and am satisfied the investment.

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