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Bee Creative Liquid Shimmer Watercolor - Bee Shimmery

Bee Creative Liquid Shimmer Watercolor - Bee Shimmery

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Add a little shimmer to any craft project with our new Bee Shimmery Liquid Shimmer Watercolor! 

This wonderful product can be used at "full strength" straight from the bottle. You can paint it directly on your project, tap or flick on speckles with your paintbrush, dilute with water for a more subdued shimmer effect, and even add color using watercolor or ink! If using directly with watercolor, try adding a drop of this product directly to your watercolor mixing palette and mix it in with your paint!

Shake well before using. Bottle is 1/2 fluid ounce.

Made in the USA.

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Check out this video for inspiration!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This is an exceptional product to have in the stash. Currently using it for Tie The Knot honey cuts for the dress for one of the layers. What subtle dazzle. Using a small tip paint brush for application. Also grabbed the snowmen from my stash and used a heavier application and wowzers sparkle-mania!

Edwiges B.
Love it

I love this product and I need to order more.


Love how it sparkle

Vivian M.R.
Very Pretty

I'm very happy with this shimmer and its effects on a project. This shimmer is very pretty and I'm glad I bought it. (Bought two, in fact.)

Cherry L.
Shimmering gold!

I love this. I bought two bottles now. It sparkles so that jewels aren’t necessary unless you just like more dazzle.

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