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3 Pack of Triangle Embellishment Trays

3 Pack of Triangle Embellishment Trays

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Ideal for scooping, pouring, and sorting embellishments. Set includes three - 3 inch triangular plastic trays. Compact and portable. These handy triangular trays are a must-have for every crafter!

Use the flat, beveled edges for scooping up runaway embellishments from a bead mat or work surface, and the pointed corners for pouring small embellishments back into storage containers.

The triangular shape enables you to arrange trays close to each other which is ideal when making color choices for your crafting designs. These lightweight trays measure 3 inches W (per side) x 1/2 inch H & are stackable for compact storage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary M.
Must have for small bits

Love these trays for shaker bits and small die pieces


I had been wanting these for a year. I don’t know what I did without them so long??

Anna K.
Keeps My Desk from Looking Like Something Exploded

I'm not a clean crafter. I always have a ton of projects, embellishments, and other crafting supplies all over my desk. I love the Triangle Embellishment Trays for sequins, crystals, and other small embellishments. Makes it so easy to sort out the ones you want, put the embellishments on your projects, and pour them back into the storage containers when you are done. They keep my desk from looking like embellishments exploded everywhere! Definitely, a must have in the craft room because they are great for anything that you need to scoop up and drop onto projects!

Amy S.M.
These are great!!

I am very pleased with these trays. What I was using before was too big and I could only pour our one set of sequins at a time. The triangle trays fit so much better on my craft desk and I can pour out three different sets of sequins at a time if I need too. That’s a time saver!

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