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Bee Creative Large Teflon® Bone Folder

Bee Creative Large Teflon® Bone Folder

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This bone folder is made out of Teflon®, a non-stick material which offers a number of benefits over bone and plastic folders. It will not leave a burnishing or shine mark on your paper where you crease your card. Plastic folders tend to stain, wear down and can leave marks on your paper. This won't happen with a good quality Teflon® bone folder such as ours. It will get smoother with use, and it's so easy to clean up. Heat Resistant up to 600 º F. Chemically Inert, non-corrosive, and non-contaminating.

Our large Teflon® Bone Folder measures: 3/4" wide, 1/4" thick, 6-1/4" long.

Bone folders are available in two sizes - large and small. Package contains one large teflon bone folder. Photo showing two bone folders (large and small) for size comparison only. We also carry a bundle of the two sizes, in one package. 


3/4" wide, 1/4" thick, 6-1/4" long

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome 🤩

Great for smoothing out the folds gently but firmly.

Vivian M.R.
Been Looking For A Larger One Like This For Awhile

I have been wanting a larger Teflon bone folder for years, but all I could find were the small ones and I had a couple of them already. I was so happy to find that Honey Bee had one and it was in my wish list, so I finally bought it recently. It's a really nice size. I love the way the Teflon folders glide on the cardstock and they leave no marks on my cards. I'm completely happy with my new, larger bone folder! Thank you, Honey Bee! :D


I really like the Teflon bone folder, the quality is great and I like the weight of it and the sharpness of the edges.

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