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BrushEX Fine Brush & Refill Set

BrushEX Fine Brush & Refill Set

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For particularly precise correction lines. Eraser brush pen with 1 mm round tip, you fill the pen yourself with the included refill bottle.

brush EX® is an erasing brush for water-based colors on paper. First test the brush EX® on a piece of scrap paper, because not all papers are suitable. Wipe the area you want to erase with the brush pen and don't bother with the color blurring.

Let the liquid soak in and the written text will magically disappear. After a sufficient drying phase, the paper can be overwritten, stamped and painted over in the same place with the same fiber-tip pen or another water-based paint. The process can be repeated any number of times - but be careful, too much moisture can soften the paper or form a yellowish stain. This yellowish stain can be removed by a second erasing process after it has completely dried off.

The erasing brush contains small amounts of bleach. Similar to cleaning agents, the chemical ingredients smell. Please read the package insert before use.

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Customer Reviews

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Tracy S.
Brush EX Fine and refill set

I was grateful that I found honeybee stamps that actually sold this product with decent pricing. Brush EX's website is tricky to navigate due to foreign language.

Works great for Tombow Dual Brush Pen, Crayola Signature Brush Pen Set.

Does not work on:
-Regular Pen
-Tombow Fudenosuke Pens= really disappointed in that one.
-Kuretake Brush Pen
-Pilot Brush Pen
-Certain inks may discolor paper. I tested on HP Premium 32.

BrushEX can do better

The concept or the purpose of this brush pen is smart- the execution stinks- pen leaks all over when shipping..AND when using- better off to buy refill and do yourself!

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