Kool Tak Micro Dot Sheets | 5 pack

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Kool Tak - Permanent Micro Sheets | 5 sheet pack

Looking for a quick and easy way to stick odd shaped embellishments onto your craft projects. Are you looking for an alternative to oozing liquid glues and drying time. Kool tak micros to the rescue Micros are adhesive dotted sheets made up of acid free, double sided permanent tape adhesive.

Each sheet is covered with hundreds of miniscule clear adhesive dots that are designed to provide 100-Percent coverage when transferred onto the item you wish to bond. Particularly useful when trying to stick down irregular shaped embellishments such as letters, numbers, words, coins, borders and shapes.

Simply peel back the paper liner to expose the adhesive. Press your embellishment onto the adhesive and transfer the adhesive by rubbing over the back of the embellishment with the tip of your nail. Lift the embellishment off the sheet and stick it down onto the surface you wish to stick it to.

Quick, clean and simple Sold in packs of 5 sheets each, sheets are 5 ½-Inch long by 3 5/8-Inch.

Use only what you need and store the sheets for the next time. A little goes a long way. Apply onto clean, dry surfaces, free of dust, oil, grease, polish and moisture.

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